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February 18, 2018 Comments (0) journal

Interlude: The Day of the Knife

Just got back from DC yesterday… an excellent experience all the way around. There’s more to come on that score, but before I get too deep into the deconstruction of a day on Capitol Hill and the state of the Union, environmentally speaking, I figured to give a quick update on the boat construction.

I got an electric knife in the mail when we got home, a gift from Craig Hightower, old friend and guide from days of yore. (Thanks, Craig!) That is going to come in handy for the shaping, some of which I actually got started on today. There is still a little more structural gluing to be done on the hull; I think I’m mostly done with the top side. The knife is good on the foam, and I’m hoping it will have the oomph to make it through the job.

So, I expect that the next thing to do, after I finish the last glue job on the hull and the shaping is finito, will be to start with the wrap. Heading to the thrift store tomorrow for supplies.