More Thoughts on Oil and Water

Three Weeks Down

January 18, 2018 Comments Off on DC Bound journal

DC Bound

I’m in the process of putting together the schedule for what has become a yearly trip to DC to talk with legislators and their staffs about the health of the oceans. It’s an opportunity to talk with the people who are actually making the rules, to raise the issues that might not otherwise be given adequate attention. This year’s Hill Day, set for next month, is being organized by the Surfrider Foundation and our State delegation is going to be pretty big – at least one person from each chapter here in the other Washington. With the latest offshore proposals and the general gutting of national environmental protections that are going on now, it is a perfect time to make our voices heard.

We’re pretty lucky here in Washington. Our representatives are pretty solid on environmental matters, with one or two exceptions. It could be a lot worse. (Looking at you, Alabama.)

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