A Cold Way to Spend a Winter

Messing About in Boats

January 3, 2018 Comments Off on WFR journal


The first Wilderness First Responder course I took was in Bend, Oregon, in the snow. 1998, or thereabouts. I kept my certification for years after that, going back every two years for more training, all the way through my active guiding career and covering some serious wilderness trips, but it’s been lapsed for too long now for a simple recert class. The time has come for going back to the beginning again, and I’m starting a 9-day WFR course this weekend.

With the South Kuiu Cleanup coming this summer, it just seemed prudent that we take whatever steps we can with regard to the safety of ourselves and others, especially while the beach cleanups are underway. (Because Marc’s WFR wasn’t current either, he’ll be right there with me.) I’m looking forward to it… It’s a sizable commitment, both in terms of time and money but, I’m looking forward to it.

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