October 29, 2017 Comments (0) journal

Your Voice

I honestly didn’t realize that pumping your waste directly into Puget Sound was even an option. How is this an open question, here in the 21st century, whether someone should be able to empty his yacht’s chamber pots into the bay? Consequences? We don’t care for consequences. And later, we wonder why the salmon are dying and we bemoan the shrinking orca population, as we literally foul their homes with our excrement.

There’s a site you can go to where you can peruse the draft of DOE’s request to the EPA to designate Puget Sound as a ‘No Dumping Zone.’ There are several options* for voicing your opinions on the matter and comments are being accepted until November 30th. Public comment is also being accepted at several in-person events, including November 15th at South Seattle College. Follow the links for more information.

If you feel that this whole thing is wrongheaded, and that the dumping of human waste directly into these waters is actually a fine idea, please get in touch. I’d really like to hear that side of the story.


* Online, use the DOE eComments feature to provide comments. If you’d like to comment by mail, and this is a stellar idea, please direct your input to:

Amy Jankowiak
Department of Ecology
Water Quality Program
3190 160th Ave Se
Bellevue, WA 98008-5452