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October 10, 2017 Comments (0) journal

Just Bring Your Own Bag

It’s been three months since Tacoma’s Bring Your own Bag (BYOB) initiative went into effect and the primary observation from my perspective is the total lack of any negative impacts across the board. None of the naysayer’s predictions have come true – I don’t care to revisit them here, but they are still easy to find online – and everywhere I look I see how people have adapted. They have their own reusable bags for the most part, or if they have to fork out a nickel for a paper bag, it is done without any whining at all. It’s become a recognized cost of business and the community’s response is a testament to our ability to change our behavior. Eventually. If we have to.

This Thursday, Chrissy Cooley of the Sustainable Tacoma Commission will be talking about post-BYOB Tacoma and how the City of Destiny is consistently taking steps to become a greener place. The presentation will be hosted on Thursday, October 12, by South Sound Surfrider at the Tacoma Cabana, 728 Pacific Ave in downtown Tacoma, at 6:30pm. It’s free to get in, but the mai tais will cost you.

But they’re worth it.