One Small Step

Ready or Not

July 13, 2017 Comments Off on Almost journal


“Wilderness is a great reminder of the limits of human perception. Where there are no clocks or roads, time and distance behave differently, like animals let out of the zoo. Where there are no signs or labels, things seem much less predictable.”
David Rains Wallace

Down to the last day before the Alaska trip and feeling nowhere near ready. It boggles the mind, just how many last minute tasks need to get done before departure, and they seem to come out of nowhere, multiplying in the petri dish of the final 24 hours.

It’s always like that though. This trip is not different. The others have all come together in their time and I know that this one will as well. Once the boats are in the water and I take those first few paddle strokes, time will begin to stretch again and the simplicity of paddling 200 miles around an island in Southeast Alaska will begin to settle in. I know it will.

I’m definitely ready for that.

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