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April 12, 2017 Comments (1) journal

Boldly Went

I spent the evening yesterday down at Tacoma’s Wingman Brewers, for a session of talking story. Adventure tales, told live in a room mixed with friends and strangers, different people telling their stories of joy and pain in the outdoors, over beers. It was a good mix and a lot of fun. I told a few Newfoundland tales from my 2000 trip and got to listen to some amazing trail running, hiking and paddling stories from all over.

Boldly Went is a Seattle startup, and for only being around a few short months, they’ve already put together a pretty impressive collection. Thanks to Dean Burke, for pulling all the necessary strings to get this event together. See you again next time!

One Response to Boldly Went

  1. Angel Rossi Mathis says:

    Thanks for writing this up, Ken! We’re hoping to see you again in a couple more weeks.