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March 6, 2017 Comments Off on You Don’t Know my Grandma journal

You Don’t Know my Grandma

It is important, in this time of fake news and alternate facts, that the arguments to be made in the service of the environment should not sink to the level of bullshit so favored by the other side. Ultimately, the data will not lie; the truth will out.

(The infographic above was recently reposted on a Facebook page I follow. No sources were cited – something of a warning flag for fake news-type social media postings – and the claims are easily disproven cowflop. There is no question that phthlates and other endocrine disruptors pose unique and terrible threats to our children and grandchildren, and I think it’s important that people are made aware of these dangers, but I know for a fact that my grandmother was working toward child #2 by the time she turned 17. Adding more bullshit doesn’t lead to less bullshit.)

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