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March 1, 2017 Comments Off on Blue Truth to Power journal

Blue Truth to Power

Every two years, in Washington DC, the Blue Vision Summit brings together scientists and activists, students and presenters from all over the country, to talk about the ocean. There are panels of speakers addressing issues like offshore drilling and high seas plastic, and there are chances to network with people who are involved in the same basic question that is relevant everywhere: How does the health of the ocean affect all other life on Earth and what can I do about it?

IMG_0250There’s also a Hill Day built into the schedule, a full day to schedule meetings with members of Congress and senators, as well as their staffers, to urge their support for legislation and to make the case for a long-term vision for ocean health. Some of these office visits can be a good opportunity to thank a lawmaker for his or her previous support while others can seem a little colder, depending on political points of view. All of these meetings, however, are informative and valuable for all parties. Citizen participation in the gears of government is a powerful force… (Still looking for more members of the Washington delegation. Send me a message if you’d like to go too.)

The Summit is on the calendar for May 9-11, and then it’s two more years.

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