February 3, 2017 Comments Off on Old Friends journal

Old Friends

I did a fair bit of driving today… working on the updates to the upcoming Sea Kayaker’s Guide to Puget Sound. There is plenty of paddling to be done as well, but the roads and the parking change more than whatever can be seen from the water. Most of the time.

Steilacoom. The Nisqually Delta and Henderson Inlet. Boston Harbor and Swantown and that other place. That place where all the baby seals used to haul out on the log booms. These are among the places I first got to paddle. My earliest memories of time on the Sound were formed in these places. The guide book first came out 20 years ago… there wasn’t even such a thing as a Discover Pass back then… it’s required now, it would seem. Things change.

And now it is time to write. The words are tapping on my brain, demanding to be released. This is serious fun.

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