The Value of Spare Change

Hear Ye, Hear Ye…

April 19, 2016 Comments (0) journal

Mic Drop

Citizens for a Healthy Bay, the premiere watchdog organization when it comes to the waters of Tacoma, has come out against the Methanol plant. The huge gas-fired plant in the tideflats that was hoping to use millions of gallons of Tacoma’s water every day to turn fracked gas into methanol that could be shipped to Asia and turned into plastic that would then be sold back to us (half of it as packaging), on its way to eventually ending up in the ocean? That one. It’s a great press release…

In the months that the methanol plant fever has been active here in T-town, I have heard many ardent opponents of the plant express their aggressive frustration for CHB’s measured approach. People thought that CHB should have come out against it from the start, been part of the shouting voices in the street and at the meetings. That’s what they did and they expected the same from CHB. They said some pretty nasty things, especially for being on the same side, after all.

The clear-eyed, measured response is what makes this stand against the plant that much more valuable. It’s a powerful indictment of NWIW’s lack of transparency, for starters. When this issue is finally put to bed and the plant is not built, Tacoma’s victory will be as much because of the clear arguments presented by CHB as any other part of the campaign. Thanks!