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March 3, 2016 Comments Off on The High Point journal

The High Point

I actually put this out as a Facebook post a couple of days ago. I’m reposting it in this space because I want to make sure it’s part of this particular record. This trip to DC has been worthwhile, enlightening in some ways, and a lot of fun. Thanks Derek!

Washington DC, March 2, 2016: Still in DC… Day 2 of the Puget Sound push here in Washington and I have been impressed with the people I am with and their dedication to restoring the Sound as well as the knowledge level of representatives and their staffs about the issues we are most concerned with. A couple side thoughts to go along with that:

1) I don’t think you can find a more useless piece of clothing than a tie. I’m wearing one again today because apparently, it’s required, but what an idiot piece of gear this is.

2) I am feeling very lucky to have Derek Kilmer as my Congressman. Derek and fellow Rep. Denny Heck have been our hosts for the time we’ve been here and have gone out of their way to make sure that we are getting the results that we’d hoped for when we signed up for this.

Last night, well after normal visiting hours had expired, Derek took a group of us on a walking tour of the US Capitol. We went into the House and Senate chambers, ducked in and out of hallways and nooks that would not be part of the normal tourist experience, walked through the little chapel off the Speaker’s offices and were even able to go out onto the Speaker’s balcony to take in the sights of Washington at night, and it’s beautiful.

He didn’t have to do this. He is suffering from a decent head cold and obviously not at 100%, but he was a trooper and a gracious host, answering questions and giving out with little nuggets of history and Washington lore as we walked through the building. After it was over, I walked back to my room through a sea of Capitals fans just getting out of the hockey game, high on history and grateful that I get to have a Congressman like him.

Because they’re not all like that.

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