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A Sense of Progress

September 22, 2015 Comments Off on Surfrider Leadership Training journal

Surfrider Leadership Training

There are a few other things to get to, but I’ve been meaning to write a short update on the Surfrider Leadership Program that I’m currently involved with. It’s a pilot program that has pulled six of us together from fairly diverse backgrounds to work on a project that will benefit the Washington coast. It’s challenging to get it all together but it’s also exciting to see it take shape.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Our project involves marine debris and how to approach the problem from three different angles. Part of our group is focused on solutions to keep garbage off the beaches, reducing the debris that comes directly from land sources. The second sub-group is working to attach value to the various types of debris, to determine what can be recycled and what might actually be able to be resold. My group is working on smarter beach cleanups, setting up a reliable monitoring program that will allow volunteers to be directed to the beaches most in need of attention.

Which reminds me, the beach cleanup out at Portage South, near Neah Bay, went really well this past weekend. More on that next…

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