The Whales of Autumn

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September 18, 2015 Comments Off on Flipping the Switch journal

Flipping the Switch

A month ago it was hot and dry, summer’s dog days, been that way since sometime in June, it seemed. This is the first year since record-keeping began that the Tacoma area has had more than 50 days over 80 degrees. And there were more than a few that were over 90. We got used to it. People started saying that Anchorage is the new Seattle, and that Seattle is the new LA. It was hot and dry, day after day, right up until it wasn’t.

When summer ended this year, it ended in a hurry. I have not fired up the wood stove yet, but I can’t imagine it’s too far off.

And now with the fall upon us, it’s time for the International Coastal Cleanup this Saturday, a good chance to get out on the beach and help clean up the oceans. There are fringe benefits as well: in addition to the excellent karma ,you’ll receive a cleaner beach (naturally), a day spent in the salt air, good company and maybe a whale or two. Get in touch… see you out there.

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