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Report from the Wrack Line

April 24, 2015 Comments (0) journal

Going Coastal

The boy and I are heading out to La Push tomorrow for the coastal cleanup that’s happening on Saturday. Washington Coast Savers organizes two of these mass beach cleanups each year, and the South Sound chapter of Surfrider is the host for the barbeque and volunteer appreciation fest at the staging area near the La Push/Rialto junction. Vampire country, or something like that.

It’s an amazing event and we do a lot of good in a fairly short time. If you haven’t gone before, you will be amazed at the number of people out there and it’s almost a sure thing that you will meet some of the finest folks in Washington while you’re out there. And, you’ll be on the most gobsmackingly beautiful beaches in the world, making them even more beautiful by helping to pick up the plastic junk that collects on them.

We’ll be camping in La Push tomorrow for sure, maybe Saturday night as well, if we feel like it. Popping the top on the Hotel Westfalia, living the dream. Maybe we’ll see you there.