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October 21, 2014 Comments Off on WWTA Fall Seminar 2014 journal

WWTA Fall Seminar 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s been a few years since there’s been anything like this in the Seattle area. An off-water symposium of various classes and presentations for sea kayakers… it’s the kind of thing that did fairly well a decade ago (maybe longer), but in this plugged-in world we’re living in now, I’m not so sure. There are some pretty amazing paddlers who will be presenting though, and I hope it will be time well spent.

I’ll be doing two separate presentations, both new (which is another way of saying, “I haven’t finished them yet,”) and both on Saturday afternoon. One will be a virtual trip around south Puget Sound, loaded with tips and ideas for anyone’s next paddle in these protected waters. The other will be called, Message in a Plastic Bottle; Sea Kayaking, Citizen Science and the Paddling Environment, a story of the voyage of the Hyas yiem and of ways that kayakers can do more to get involved with the environment that they value the most. If you can make it, be sure to say hello.

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