July 29, 2014 Comments (3) journal


First test paddle this morning. I think it will work out all right, but you never know until you actually get it in the water. I usually overbuild things (the Hyas yiem is a good example), but with the plastic bottle SUP, I went for light weight over invincibility. The knock on the kayak is that it is too unwieldy and heavy to really get much use now that the trip it was designed for is over. Which makes it hard to keep the public conversation going. With the SUP, I’ve definitely got the weight down to something that is easily manageable… the only question is whether it will fold up on me like some post-industrial taco once I get on board.

All questions will be answered this morning: 10:30am, Owen Beach at Point Defiance Park. Bring a camera… you never know how this will all play out.

3 Responses to Cowabunga

  1. Liam says:

    you created the tension. now I’m anxiously awaiting your next post!
    good luck!

  2. Dave Viens says:

    “Post-industrial taco”?! ROFL!