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April 11, 2014 Comments (2) journal

Where we’ve been; where we’re going

I wanted to make sure I followed up on the promise to post the sailing schedule for the Hyas yiem, leaving tomorrow from Priest Point State Park near Olympia and heading north toward Bellingham. The itinerary is listed here in a paragraph or two but first, I just want to say a few words about what an amazing evening was had by all last night at the premiere of Secrets of 1

Thanks to the Blue Mouse Theater, Satori Bob for the excellent tunes, all the great organizations who set up informational tables and carried the evening, Todd Fischer for his amazing talent and generosity and our sponsors for providing us with some much-coveted raffle goodies. The film was fun and it was a great night of connecting and reconnecting with old friends and new ones. I’m sure we’ll do it 2

As for the Message in a Plastic Bottle, that all starts at about 9:00am tomorrow. I’ll post updates along the way and I’d love it if you see a day on the schedule where you could come out for a while on the water with me or say hello along the route. As always, if you have any questions, call or write anytime.

April 12     Olympia – Anderson Island
April 13     Anderson Island – Salmon Beach
April 17     Salmon Beach – Southworth
April 24    Southworth – S. Bainbridge Is.
April 25    S. Bainbridge Is. – Suquammish
April 26    Suquammish – Edmonds
April 27    Edmonds – Mukilteo
May 1        Mukilteo – Langley
May 2        Langley – E. Whidbey Is.
May 3        E. Whidbey Is. – Oak Harbor
May 8        Oak Harbor – Hope Is.
May 9        Hope Is. – Bowman Bay
May 10      Bowman Bay – Anacortes
May 15      Anacortes – Cypress Head
May 16     Cypress Head – Lummi Is.
May 17      Lummi Is. – Bellingham

There are film showings, presentations and beach cleanups at points along the way (more on those later), and the schedule is subject to change, especially for weather. Please stay tuned for further details and stay in touch with any questions.

This is going to be fun.