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February 4, 2014 Comments (2) journal

Just add water

The Hyas yiem is done, at least at about the 95% level. (It’s hard to say what modifications will come about after the sea trials on February 16th, but I’m feeling pretty good about it.) She’s heavy, but she’s carrying a fair bit of floatation too. Hard to guess the way it’s going to play out… which is why there’s no substitute for doing it!

I’m going to spend a little time next week putting together the checklist of what I want to go through during the sea trials. I imagine I’ll do whatever maneuverability tests I can, along with a self rescue or two, and there are a few other things I want to try as well. There are sure to be some repairs and/or changes afterward, but I hope there aren’t too many.

2 Responses to Just add water

  1. What did you use to bond the bottles together

    • Ken Campbell says:

      Loctite Proline Premium – polyurethane formula. (it’s not specifically for PET, but I did some stress testing before I got going and I think it will hold up well.