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Layering up

December 11, 2013 Comments Off on Back out there journal

Back out there

The showing of “Bag It!” went well yesterday evening… 40+ people there, good raffle, excellent film. It’s hard to be real enthusiastic about the topic of plastic pollution, especially when there’s so damn much of it, but if there’s going to be a change, it has to start somewhere.

Tomorrow I’m heading back out to Neah Bay for the weekend to do a few surveys on two of the beaches we hit on the “Roadless Coast” expedition. It’s good to get different looks at the same spots whenever possible and I’m looking forward to what I find. The weather has finally gotten above freezing, so that’s good.

On the way out, I’ll be stopping at the Suquammish Tribal School for a meeting with a few folks there that we’re planning on meeting up with as the Hyas yiem makes its way north next spring. I truly believe that the educational opportunities that we have coming up are going to be some of the most amazing things we’ve done so far. Can’t wait.

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