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August 10, 2013 Comments (2) journal



One of the things we find often while we’re doing our beach surveys is shoes. I have been on beaches before where there are shoes all over the place, matching shoes that have obviously come from some container spill somewhere and all washed ashore together. More interesting to me, however, are the individual shoes, the ones that obviously used to belong to someone who lived thousands of miles away, who I will never know.

(The shoes pictured here were all found during surveys that were done this July on Augustine Island.)


2 Responses to Shoes

  1. Kelsie says:

    Earlier this year I found a shoe along Washington’s coast. I think it’s a pokkuri geta – perhaps from Japan?

    • Ken Campbell says:

      That is a great find. It’s pretty hard to say for sure, but I would think that it’s pretty likely that it’s tsunami debris. The shoe is part of a fascinating lifestyle that we know so little about here in our culture. I hope that the girl who once owned it is safe.