Something in the water


July 29, 2013 Comments Off on Land of falling water journal

Land of falling water


I know that there are places where water is scarce, where the dwindling supply of fresh water is a matter of real concern. Alaska – specifically Cook Inlet – is not one of these places.

We had been told that finding fresh water on Augustine could be a problem, and while you can see that this might be the case (depending on exactly where you are on the island), the water situation over on the peninsula was one of great abundance. There were several days where we quickly lost count of the number of waterfalls we paddled past. Big ones that shot out from the cliffs and roared triumphantly as they  entered the sea… little trickles that tinkled down the rocky faces, slowly wearing a path in the stone.  And everything in between. We had no trouble finding it and we didn’t use our filter once. Cold, clear, delicious water.

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