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May 14, 2013 Comments Off on More gear journal

More gear


We’re pretty well set for this summer’s expedition, and we’re extremely pleased and honored that so many excellent gear manufacturers and suppliers are on board for the trip. Part of the deal is that we’re supposed to talk them up as we go but, in all honesty, we’d be talking them up no matter what – each of them is an integral part of making the Ikkatsu Project’s Alaska trip a reality and we are grateful.

Add to the list Mountain Safety Research (MSR), Seattle’s coolest gear maker. We already use a plethora of MSR stuff (as well as Platypus, Cascade Designs, Thermarest… it’s all one big, happy family), and we needed a few more items to complete our kit for this year. Thanks to Dave Fitzgerald of Summit Sales and the good people at MSR for making it all happen. Our newest sponsor will make it possible for us to filter our water, sleep soundly, cook our food and keep the camera gear dry.

These are all very important things.

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