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March 20, 2013 Comments Off on Whew! journal



Last night’s showing at the 7 Seas Tap Room in Gig Harbor was a huge success. Many big thanks to the staff at 7 Seas (You’re the greatest!), and to everyone who came out and made it such an incredible event. I really couldn’t count how many were there… everyone kept moving… but I fully expected the Fire Marshal to show up at some point, there were that many bodies in the room. A very fitting end to what has been an enjoyable three months of showings and presentations. Now it’s off to the next item on the list: getting everything together for this summer’s expedition.

(But first, before I get ahead of myself, The Roadless Coast can now be viewed online for free at this address. If you’d like to send the info to a friend, use it for a report or class project or just watch it again, it’s there for you day and night. If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch.)

Now, Augustine. We’ll be meeting on Tuesday to put the preliminary screenplay outline together, what will eventually become the shooting script for the film, and we’re pretty excited about it. A little overwhelmed at this point, but once we start getting the layout together, the process becomes a lot more manageable. Within the next few weeks, we’ll be getting together with Peter Hodum of Oikonos to discuss the protocol for examining beach cast birds. (What we’re hoping is that, by the time we get back, we’ll have a workable system for field necropsies that will allow citizen scientists to document cases of plastic ingestion and for the data they collect to become part of the larger database for scientific study.)

The ferry tickets for Homer have been purchased and we have assembled most (not all), the gear we’ll need for the trip. We still have outstanding expenses, however, and our funding drive is in its last nine days. If you haven’t done so already, please consider making a tax-free contribution at our crowdsourcing page, or send a check to:

The Ikkatsu Project
2522 N. Proctor Street, #360
Tacoma, WA 98406

We’ve put together some great rewards in exchange for your contribution and we would be most grateful for anything you can spare. The issue of marine debris is an important one and if this past film has been any indication, it is something that people are very interested in hearing more about. This year’s expedition to Augustine Island and the film and other educational projects that will come from it will help to raise awareness about the problem and get us closer to a possible solution. Thank you very much for your support.

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