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March 16, 2013 Comments Off on Gear, and other stuff journal

Gear, and other stuff


I think we’ve done a fair job of acknowledging the organizations that have stepped up to offer their support as each year’s effort gets underway. Still, it never hurts to give a little shout-out from time to time and extend a formal “Thank You” to the companies and organizations that continue to help make The Ikkatsu Project a reality.

First of all, Thanks to Oikonos for being our non-profit partner. We’re looking forward to helping with the development of protocol for remote monitoring of sea birds for plastic debris and Oikonos is the organization that’s in the driver’s seat there. Thanks for believing in us.

Second, a huge thanks goes out to Kokatat for providing us with the finest paddling wear on the planet. We’d be wearing it anyway, whether Kokatat was on board or not, because there is nothing else we trust to keep us safe and dry in some of the most demanding conditions anywhere. It is the best and the Ikkatsu Project is honored to be a part of something that good.

Werner paddles are hands down the best paddles that you’ll ever find. We were lucky enough to have bent shaft Kalliste 220’s for the Augustine expedition and we couldn’t have been happier. Thanks also to  Snapdragon Designs..  their spray skirts are the difference between being on the water and in the water. Rainshadow Coffee makes the best coffee in the world and Rite-in-the-Rain provides the waterproof paper and notepads used in Ikkatsu surveys and microplastics sampling.

There are other opportunities for possible sponsors… please contact the Ikkatsu Project if you or your organization are interested in playing an active role in the ongoing pursuit of adventure and science.

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