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February 20, 2013 Comments Off on And then, Tacoma journal

And then, Tacoma


Last night’s showing in Seattle went really well. Thanks to Sarah Krueger from the Mountaineers for making the evening happen, to Curt Ebbesmeyer for the expert analysis and the conversation, and to everyone who took the time to come out and see the film. It was a good time in a great facility and Steve and I were both very impressed with the level of understanding of the issues that was demonstrated by everyone in the room. The raffle was a great success… Joe Wood, of Seattle, had the winning ticket and went home with a framed print of Pacific Coast Lights, the incredible work of art from Todd Fischer that he painted specifically for the Roadless Coast trip. (I can’t wait to see what he’s gonna do for the Augustine expedition.)

In a few hours, it’ll be time for the Tacoma showing at the Grand  Cinema. Many thanks to Annie Wright School for getting all the ducks lined up for this one… we’re really looking forward to it. I’m going to be meeting before the showing with a group of parents from the school whose kids will be part of the survey crew this May out on the Olympic Coast (which is going to be a great experience.) About 25 6th graders, working together to conduct detailed surveys of the beaches near Cape Alava, as well as doing a bit of bagging, tagging and cleanup too. This is a big part of the Ikkatsu effort, bringing the tools and the understanding to the next generation, helping them to start the process of fixing what was broken by those who came before them. It is the absolute least us older folks can do and one of the most positive and enriching parts of the project for us.

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