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The showing at the University of Puget Sound well well last night… 80 people (give or take), and a good cross-section of young and old, students and the general public. I was surprised and heartened to see how many of those who attended had an understanding of the problem of marine debris and a real stake in the issue. That, right there, is the battle. The more people who can come to the realization that all this talk of plastic “out there” is really just an extension of decisions that are made by us and those like us, the more chance there is that solutions will be found.

The film looked good on the big screen and the rotunda is an excellent venue. After the showing, several other groups had the chance to explain what they were doing that relates to the issue of marine debris and how others can get involved. Students for a Sustainable Campus was there, along with the Surfrider Foundation and the Slater Museum. All in all, it was a great evening and we’d like to thank each of you who showed up and made it so much fun.

Now we look ahead to the next showings: Seattle on the 19th at the Mountaineers Program Center and on the 20th at the Grand Cinema in Tacoma. Tickets for the Seattle showing are $8.00 and are available online at Brown Paper Tickets. (After a slow start, sales have picked up fast, so get yours while the getting is still good.) Tickets for the Tacoma showing at the Grand are free (thank you Annie Wright School), and will be available on a first come – first serve basis on the night of the event.

Among the other things we’re looking forward to in the next few weeks is another trip to the coast, backpacking in to the Mosquito Creek area to do a follow-up survey at one of the locations we did last summer; our first opportunity to observe, film and participate in a bird necropsy at the Slater Museum, getting us ready for some of the work we’re planning on doing this summer in Alaska; and delivery of some of our gear from Kokatat and Snapdragon, getting it together and tested out on the water.

The Kickstarter campaign is still front-and-center in our minds as well. There’s still a long way to go before time is up but we need a lot of help. We’ll be sending out appeals by email and on the social media, but we need participation by as many people as possible if this is going to work. We are asking for contributions (yes, please), but also for help in spreading the word about the upcoming expedition and film. Link to the project on your Facebook page, “like” us and email your friends and family about what we’re trying to accomplish. And thank you for all of your support.

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