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January 27, 2013 Comments (2) journal

Goodbye again

We’re in the airport now, early for our flight back up to what looks like a pretty soggy Pacific Northwest. It’s hard to believe right now, with the California sun outside looking more like June than January, that I’ll be pulling on the raincoat in a few short hours.

The Golden Gate Sea Kayak Symposium is behind us now, and while it was good to be in the pleasant weather and rarified air of Sausalito for a few days, we’re looking forward. We have a showing on Tuesday at Annie Wright school… doing a daytime presentation for some of the students as part of a program that will continue later in the spring. (We’ll be training them in survey protocol later in the school year and then going with them to a section of the roadless coast that we examined last summer, to do a few real surveys out there.) It’s going to be interesting to get their take on the situation… children often understand complex thoughts more quickly than adults do.

The Kickstarter campaign has been underway for almost a week. It’s been a slow start, a very slow start, but we’re hopeful that the dam is about to burst soon. If you are among those who have already contributed, we thank you sincerely, profusely and from the bottom of our hearts. If you haven’t contributed yet and you’re wondering if we still would like to hear from you, rest assured, we’d be delighted. We’re looking forward to you being a part of the Ikkatsu effort.

2 Responses to Goodbye again

  1. Liam Antrim says:

    Ken – I’m enjoying your posts. If the Annie Wright class plans to do regular debris monitoring on the coast, it would be good to connect them to Heidi Pedersen here who is coordinating beach debris monitors and managing all the data that’s coming in. Heidi can advise on suitable (access and safety) and needed monitoring locations. I would recommend they use the accumulation method (remove debris) as its what all our other volunteers are doing.

    best wishes

    • Ken Campbell says:

      Will do, Liam. I am planning on talking with you between now and then in any case, but I think that the kids will be very interested in doing all they can do. I’d love to get Heidi’s info as well whenever you get the chance.

      Thanks a lot!