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November 1, 2012 Comments Off on More to come journal

More to come

The thing that has amazed me the most about the past year of the Ikkatsu Project is the way that it has grown. I knew the film was going to be good and I knew people would be interested in what we were were up to, but I had no idea that the project itself would take off the way that it has. Without getting too far into the weeds, consider these things:

– Film premiere is 2 weeks away. Both showings have been sold out for a while… if we could add another show, we would.

– Speaking of adding other shows, we are working on that now. At least two more in Tacoma, another one in Seattle, Bellingham, Port Angeles and Forks. As well as a few showings in Oregon next March…

– We’re heading down to Arcata, CA, in early December, putting on a showing at the Arcata Theatre Lounge as guests of the Humboldt chapter of the Surfrider Foundation. (With thanks to Kokatat for getting it all together as well.)

– The Ikkatsu Project is the subject of an article in the new Canoe and Kayak magazine – due out on November 6th.

– We’re putting together an educational program with a local middle school that will teach students how to conduct their own coastal surveys. Later in the spring of 2013, we’ll be helping to lead those students on a 3-day field trip to the Washington coast where they will survey beaches, collate the results and send them in to NOAA to become part of the continuing study.

– We’ll be involved as part of a fairly major sea kayak symposium in early 2013 (more to follow).

– We are in the process of planning next year’s expedition and research. (More to follow here as well… a lot more.)

I don’t know… it seems like quite a bit to me.

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