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April 20, 2012 Comments Off on Rite in the Rain is on board journal

Rite in the Rain is on board

For this particular expedition, we weren’t looking for too many sponsors, at least at first. It’s going to happen fairly close to home, most of the equipment we’ll be needing are things we already have and there aren’t too many major costs associated with the undertaking. We felt like we could probably just go out and do it without having to actively seek sponsorship.

And we could have, but as time went on, we identified a few areas where we could use a little help. This past weekend, on our final shakedown cruise to Anderson Island, we set up a sample survey on the beach and it became apparent fairly quickly that we needed to be using waterproof paper for the job. It wasn’t raining at the time, but even so, there was a lot of moisture in the air. And, unless I completely miss my guess, we’re going to see some precipitation over the course of the trip.

Enter Rite-in-the-Rain, a fine Tacoma product that is made for the task at hand. Literally. I’ve been using their notebooks for years and I proudly sell them down at the shop, so I knew they would be ideal. They are graciously providing us with notebooks and photocopier sheets for the sample forms that will ensure that we’ll be able to collect the data we need without having to worry about conditions.

I hope every day on the expedition will be blue skies and bright sun, but “hope” is not really  a winning strategy. With Rite-in-the-Rain, success just got closer.

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