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I’m leaving early tomorrow morning for a week on the roadless coast. I’ll be meeting up with Marc Mahoney, long-time friend and paddling partner on many previous adventures, in Kalaloch. From there, we’ll drive together to Hobuck Beach and if all goes well, we should be

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tumblr_l7m69jsJ1N1qbc6bw July 22, 2016

Tiny Bubbles

Anybody have an idea about what this might be? Just south of Point Defiance, in the

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P8070923 July 20, 2016

Back to the Beach

Last night, I started rereading Chris Duff’s excellent narrative, On Celtic

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Path of the Puyallup - PWI Presentation Short

The recent journey from the glacier to the bay provided some amazing looks at the connections here in the Puyallup River Watershed. From the high flanks of Mount Rainier to Tacoma's Commencement Bay, the river defines the region and to be able to travel it from one end to the other was a powerful experience. Look for a short film next spring... meanwhile, here's a look at the short that was presented at the 2015 Puyallup Watershed Gathering, just to get it started.

2016: A Busy Summer (& Fall, & Winter)

The pilot program that the Ikkatsu Project and the Foss Waterway Seaport are doing will wrap up this June. It's hands-on working with middle school science students to document freshwater plastics in the Puyallup River Watershed. The students come from six different districts and survey sites have ranged from the upper reaches of the Carbon River to the brine of Commencement Bay. This project was made possible by a generous grant from The Russell Family Foundation and with the cooperation of the Puyallup Watershed Initiative.
Also getting ready to do the Olympic Coast this summer, kind of a revisiting of some of the spots we went to on the first Ikkatsu journey in 2012. And it's just a magnificent stretch of world-class open-coastal paddling... why not go again? And again?
And revising "Message in a Plastic Bottle." (The book, not the film.) The first edition, a limited run of 250 copies, is all but gone now and I think it's a story that still has some things to say. I'd like to change the layout a little, put in some photos... watch this space (and check out the blog), for any news on this as it happens.