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May 31, 2012 Comments (0) journal


Cape Flattery

We are in the single digits before The Ikkatsu Project officially starts with our first paddle. In truth, we’ve been working on this project for months, but all of that work has been in preparation; meetings with the paddle team, meetings with the science team, gear lists, practice runs, check, double-check and then check one more time.

Each of our three man team brings his own set of task specific skills; Ken (The Last Wilderness) brings his writing skills and creativity; Jason (Global Adventure Guides) his GIS mapping skills and boating skills. For myself, the team is relying on me to document the project in both photographs and videos for our planned documentary. I’ve been hitting the books, keyboard and shutter button as much as possible and although I’m confident I’m up to the task I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a small streak of worry.

Or more accurately worries; will the gear hold up to multiple days in the marine environment? Are my skills up to the task to capture everything? Is my backup plan sufficient? These and more run through my head. I imagine, or at least hope, everyone in my position, from Cameron on down to little ole me, has the pre-production worries.

I’m just looking forward to that moment when blade hits water, we turn our sterns to Neah Bay, and most of these niggles’ will be in the past and it’s just a case of do.